Welcome to my journey

My journey as a teacher began almost 10 years ago.

About 5 years ago a colleague and close personal friend and I were talking about teaching.  She was a veteran teacher who had been teaching over 20 years, and she was always razzing me about how seriously I took my job.  By the time school started each August, I would have what I was going to do for the year mapped out along with daily lesson plans for the first semester.  She thought that was outrageous.  I remember one piece of this particular conversation with complete clarity. 

Payne was giving me a hard time, and she said, “You’ve already got the Teacher of the Year award, what more do you want?”

My reply was automatic.  “I want to be the best teacher in the world.” 

While I will readily admit that I am fiercely competitive about pretty much everything, my desire to be the best teacher is not borne from a sense of competition.  It is from something much deeper and much greater.  My passion for teaching comes from my knowledge that teaching is my divine calling, that God himself determined that I would become a teacher.  I am awed and humbled that one–God would choose to use me in any capacity, and that two–God would choose to use me in what I consider to be one of the highest callings a person can answer.  To have the incredible privilege and awesome responsibility of working and growing with young people is both a humbling force whose weight I carry day and night and a fountain of unspeakable joy that continually wells within in me and springs forth.

The master’s program is another step in my journey.  Through this program I have grown and changed as a teacher, student, writer, and editor.  All of these people are parts of me, and within the pages of this site, you will hear about their journeys. . .